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At EclipseGrafx, we love attending events. Check out this calendar to see what events we are attending in the upcoming months, and look down below for an FAQ about comissions at events.


What is The Brick Print Shop?
The Brick Print Shop is an on-site service for printing Bricks, Tiles, and Figures at conventions.

Will The Brick Print Shop be at all conventions?
No, please see the events on the calendar above. If The Brick Print Shop will be there, we have recorded it.

What do you print on?
We can print on whatever figure parts, bricks, or tiles we have available. Sometimes, we have special items like keychain bricks. We also can print on almost anything you provide! 

What about the design?
We are willing to design just about anything to make our clients happy and beyond satisfied, but designs will cost extra and add more time to your order. If you can dream it, we can do it!

I have my own design, will you print that?
Yes! We can print designs provided to us. If you approach us at a convention, we suggest bringing a flash drive with your design, preferably in a Vector format (.svg, .ai, .eps), but we can work with Jpegs and PNGs as well. 

Can I just email the design to you?
Yes, you can. Please note that connecting to the internet can be difficult at some conventions, so a flash drive would still be the best option. If you do opt to send an email, please send it with both your name and the name of the convention in the title. 

How long does a request take?
When a request is made, the requester fills out a brief form that includes an overview of the design, the parts to be printed on, and contact information, so we can inform the requester when the request is finished. Depending on the complexity of the design and how many other requests we have, it may take anywhere from 30 minutes, to the entire weekend to complete a request. In some cases, we will request to finish the product after the event, and mail you the completed prints.

Do I have to get a complete Figure, what if I just want a torso?
No, you do not have to get a complete figure. We are happy to print on just torsos, legs, heads, or anything else.

Can you tell me how much this costs?
Prices depend on the parts used, the complexity of the design, the number of different types of parts printed on, the number of parts printed, and how many sides of each part are printed.  With all of these factors, we can’t provide an answer to this question without first finding out what you are looking for! The best way to find out is to send us an email with your idea, or a message through the Contact Us page of this website. You can also send an FM to the Flickr page, but an email would be better.

Do you to figures for weddings?
Certainly! We love producing figures for soon to be newlyweds. 

Can I order a custom print though this website?
Yes, please check out our Services page!

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